Nicole has been writing since she was six years old. It’s always been a passion for her, and she began with writing short stories. Her first story, called The Cat That Leaves Fish Alone, was written when she was seven.

When Nicole was twelve, she had to write a research paper. Unsure what to write, Nicole pulled a topic out of a hat: Domestic Violence. It seems like a heavy topic to write about in sixth grade, but nonetheless, she researched it and wrote the paper. She had a lot of information left over, and always wanted to do something bigger with her writing, so she decided to write a book.

When she was thirteen, she began Lost Voice. It wasn’t easy, and when she was fifteen, after countless computer crashes, finally finished it. Nicole didn’t plan to do anything with the book, she wasn’t sure if she even wanted to share it with friends, but when she was sixteen, a teacher caught sight of chapter one and encouraged her to pursue publication.

During Nicole’s senior year of high school, she took a creative writing class and allowed that teacher to read the first few chapters as well. She encouraged Nicole to publish, also. A few months before graduating, when she was seventeen, Lost Voice was published, and by the time she was 21, she published two more books, Shadows and One Last Wish.

In her spare time, Nicole is a part time nursing student, a nightshift certified nursing assistant, and an avid photographer.